Thursday, June 28, 2012

Final Post?

It's been a very long time since I last updated my blog.

Long story short, I haven't been playing any online games anymore, so this might even be my final post for this blog.

Bye bye!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pioneering Journal - Update 13

I kind of forgot to update last week, so here we go!

Before I forget, I haven't joined Alliance War for quite some time now, so I don't know the scores for the previous AW.

First of all, something absurd happened. Someone managed to enhance a Rosa Matrimonio to +10! A GM also links his/her imba armor too.

I tried doing a couple of solo Castilla, Mine full run, and actually managed to kill Dekaravia. It was pretty tiring though. The loot isn't worth it either, as most bosses doesn't drop anything, and the roulette rewards are crap.

After today's maintenance, GE is somewhat updated by adding Natalie and Daria's recruitment quests. Natalie can be found in Frozen Plain.

Natalie's quest is really easy, and you will need to complete M'boma's extended quest in order to proceed with the quest. The only hard part of it is collecting 100 Wolf Meats, 100 Beets, and 10 Cabbages, and M'boma actually hates to collect them too.

He went mad and wanted to cook Panfilo instead!

Something's strange with Natalie's character model during the quest though.

Glow in the dark lips!

After finishing Natalie's quest, Daria's quest can be started, and she's located at Byron.

Such a strange name, how do you actually read that?

Daria's quest is really simple, you just have to go around Byron, triggering a short cutscene here and there, and in the end, she asks for 10 Wheels of Time from the Clock Tower raid. Once you gave her 10 Wheels of Time, you'll get her card.

As usual, congratulations for the promoted characters!
  • [Master] Soho - AXcom
  • [Master] Musketeer - Skinny
  • [Expert] Musketeer - AXcom
  • ...and maybe other characters that I don't know have promoted.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Pioneering Journal - Update 12

Here we go, update number 12! First of all, I kinda forget to update the Alliance War page, and since we're close to the next AW, I'll update the page after this Saturday's war.

Alright, now for this week's update!

As people should have realized by now, the pioneering statue memorial quests have disappeared, and have been changed with the 3 pioneering merchant system.

They are Vent, Magia, and Tempestar. Their shop is located on major cities, and they're selling elite Trump series weapons. Vent for melee, Magia for magic, and Tempestar for ranged equipments.

I managed to obtain a 100 purchase points on Vent, and tried the rank D promotion test. The test itself is actually pretty easy, but I can assure you that if you don't bring a tanker, you'll be annoyed by the constant knock-back by those spear-wielding enemies.

After achieving rank D, there's only 2 differences whatsoever from my experience.
  1. You can get up to 20 daily points from that pioneering merchant type.
  2. You can get another additional pioneering quest from the NPC in the fields/dungeons.

So far, the most absurd Rank-D quest must be the one in Porto Bello, Deck. Vent NPCs will ask you to kill 1 (one) Scarlet Claw enemy to finish the quest. You can easily kill 20 of them and get your 20 daily points.

Selva's stance, Rapida Espada, has been upgraded to an expert stance after the update. This is actually a great upgrade for those who have Selva already. Her stance level is dropped to level 14 the moment you bring Selva out, but all of your skill levels aren't resetted. This is what happens after Rapida Espada has reached level 25.

Levelling the Hermetisme stance is proven to be a pain in the ass. Both Unlimited Shot and Rapida Espada levels went up quite fast, but Veronif's Hermetisme is just painfully slow. To make things worse, Hermetisme uses the same bullets as other expert elementalists' stances, Elemental Spheres.

For the others, AXcom gets his Croisement Stance Book and Valeria card this week, and Pupuzz got his Nar card. That being said, nothing much is happening this week.

Congrats for this week's promoted:
  • [Master] Claire - pemuda
  • [Expert] Fighter - Limsiang
  • [Expert] Emilia Guilano - Limsiang
  • [Expert] Grace Bernelli - Limsiang
  • [Expert] Coimbra Trooper - Tjakep
  • [Expert] Veronif - Skinny
  • [Veteran] Catherine Torsche - AXcom
  • [Veteran] Lisa Lynway - AXcom
  • [Veteran] Ludin - AXcom
  • [Veteran] Valeria - AXcom
  • [Veteran] Viki - Limsiang
  • [Veteran] Lionel - ReiriKai
  • [Veteran] Ludin - ReiriKai

Our usual roulette rewards from daily raids.